The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane movei posterOh boy is Martin Sheen creepy in this movie. I don’t want to give away much of the plot…how about I just tell you the tagline (from IMDB and the poster to the left):

She was only a little girl. She lived in a great big house… all alone. Where is her mother? Where is her father? Where are all the people who went to visit her? What is her unspeakable secret? Everyone who knows is dead.

Ooh…now that sounds interesting, doesn’t it? The first scene takes place on Halloween…I love that. Stuff set on Halloween automatically gets a bonus point from me…plus the titular character’s birthday is Halloween and she is a sinister 13 years old…spoooky (:B) !

Wikipedia says this fits in the genre of “psychological thriller drama with elements of romance and horror”…the romance and standard horror aspects are pretty minimal, it’s not a slasher or anything, it’s just a rather creepy movie that has a lonely, stage play-ish feel…only a couple locations and a few characters.

Some of the score/soundtrack is dated and almost messed up the vibe for me at one point, still overall it’s uber-creepy, just grit your teeth and the 70’s music will be over in a moment.  Pour a cuppa tea and break out the almond cookies for this one…it’s dark and creepy fun for the whole (deceased) family.

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