Danielle Dax

danielle daxA recipe for Danielle Dax: Take some country-western-goth, add a serving of glam rock, a pinch of witchy-death-metal, stir in some pop, and serve in the graveyard on a cold but sunny day.

Sterling examples of her fine musical wares:

Pariah: Super-spooky…Baron Samedi and walking sick walking the town, sung in an uber-creepy low hexen-voice.

16 Candles: A wonderfully woeful tale of a woman’s futile wait for her absent, war-claimed love as rivers run red and cannons roar.

Bad Miss M: Singing “We’ll all have a party when you are gone…desecrate your grave and sing this song” with a western drawl and cheery slide guitar…this can only be Dax.

Where the Flies Are: Just look at the title. I love her lyrics…”My mind’s on fire / Federation of the dead ride in / To blast the chains free / Between two roaring worlds”.

(lyrics are from memory and might be totally wrong 🙂 I tried to look them up on the web but didn’t find ’em…we must need more Dax fans)

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7 Responses to “Danielle Dax”

  1. I love Danielle. All the songs you mention are good. I am esp intrigued by Where The Flies Are as I never could figure out what it was about (something about consumption, waste, greed, rotting?). I like Flashback and Sleep Has No Property.

  2. I love those two as well, she has so many different styles and moods…songs like Inky Bloaters and Flashback can cheer me up or I listen to the spookier ones when I’m drivin’ around on a foggy night 😀

  3. Bad Miss M was about Margaret Thatcher and Funtime was about Karl Blake (Shock Headed Peters). I interviewed her in 1989 and she told me about those. There was a Lemon Kittens song callede Milmus, that was also the name of her cat, but I’m not sure which came first 🙂

  4. Cool, thanks for the tidbits Wayno!

  5. I found BIG HOLLOW MAN creepy, what with all those references to God and Jesus. 🙂

  6. I was reading some comments on the Dax group on Facebook and thought back to how I first heard her stuff. I found a used Dark Adapted Eye tape maybe around 2000 in a now vanished music store here in Santa Barbara and decided to check it out since it looked interesting. Pariah was the song that really hooked me. I even tried to do a cover of it although it didn’t work out very well 🙂

  7. I sort of have the nice feeling that unconscious interest in Danielle Dax will reach critical mass and someone trendy will unearth, review and renew interest in her and she suddenly be thrust into mainstream consciousness – hope so anyways.

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