Paranoia squared – The Tenant and Kafka

The Tenant movie coverThe first time I saw the movie The Tenant I was in a state of hyper-paranoia for hours afterwards…I was ready for bizarre and terrible things to happen to me in real life at any moment 😀 Now that I’ve recovered, when I watch it I snicker with creepy glee…this movie is an all-time favorite of mine and if you like dark and creepy stuff, you can’t beat this bizarre trip through one man’s creeped-out craziness. A man moves into an old apartment building in France where the previous tenant has committed suicide. Strange occurrences plague his creepy stay there, and he becomes convinced the other occupants are conspiring against him in a bizarre fiendish plot.

Have you seen the Ninth Gate, also by Polanski? Remember that scene with the wheelchair and fire and stuff? In the Tenant, half the damn movie is psycho like that! Polanski, you rool.

Kafka movie cover
Kafka, the 1991 movie starring Jeremy Irons and directed by Steven Soderbergh, is waiting for you at the top of the elevator shaft if you crave more paranoia. Set in Prague in the 20’s, it’s the epitome of dark and creepy, with a bit o’ black comedy thrown in for good measure. I love the dialogue, setting, acting, and pretty much everything else about it. Walking over wet cobblestones in dark Prague, with the shadowy castle looming above…a conspiracy of black intentions hang around you as you wend your way through the old graveyard…that’s Kafka. The score is wonderful and perfectly complements and accentuates the dark and creepy feel of the movie. I don’t think the DVD is out in the U.S. yet even though it’s many years old (wtf), but I was able to score a copy of a Japan release on eBay that is in English and works on US DVD players (“region-free”). Watch this and then paint a twisted and shadowy city with unseen villains skulking through the maze-like streets.

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