Mirrormask film More people need to know about Mirrormask, a surreal and partly creepy fantasy-type movie written by Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman. In an informal poll (i.e. me asking friends over the course of a weekend 🙂 ), only one out of 15 people had even heard of it. It’s really quite good, just the right amount of creepiness with a great dreamlike alice-in-wonderlandishness and unique artistic styling (Dave McKean was the Production Designer as well as the co-writer so if you are familiar with his art you have some idea of what to expect).

Mirrormask is reminiscent of films like Labyrinth and Legend, with perhaps a bit of The Wizard of Oz…visually it can feel like a fantasy version of Tron. I feel the need to mention City of Lost Children here too, perhaps just to say I think fans of that most excellent movie would most likely enjoy Mirrormask as well. It’s even readily available, so Netflix it up and watch out for those creepy sphinx cat-things! 😀

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