Funland – a dark and creepy British miniseries

Mercy Woolf from Funland

Location: Blackpool, British fun-land vacation getaway. Occasion: Holiday with the wife to get the marital jooces flowin’. Unforeseen event: Big loss at the poker table…an indecent proposal is offered to pay the debt (“miscellaneous services and the like”). The plot thickens: A death or two in the family…a tragic chainsaw-related family incident. A mysterious key is given with an ominous warning.

A nerdy creep who never removes his latex gloves. A twitching freak lurking in a dark corner gibbering insanely. Shirley “The Wolf” Woolf, bad-ass gangster who cowers under the gaze of his even more bad-ass wheelchair-bound kingpin (queenpin?) mother, Mercy.

This is like David Lynch meets…no, I can’t think of anything to compare this to. It’s dark, it’s funny, shocking, mysterious…Funland. It’s billed as a “disturbingly funny thriller”…I have to concur. Put the kids to bed, grab a cuppa tea and a scone, lock the doors and prepare for a dark ride through the Funland.

(FYI – last I checked this was not on Amazon in the USA or Netflix…but I did find it on eBay)

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