My creepy “Graveyard Girl from the Dream City” painting

OK, here is another one of my own dark ‘n creepy paintings, I just finished it…it’s an undead-ish girl that dwells in a darkly beautiful graveyard on the edge of a shadowy dream-city.

Dream City Girl painting

Dream City Girl painting

Click the image to be whisked away to my painting site. You can then click the image there for a bigger version. There are also some details from the painting and a bunch of stuff about it that you may or may not care about 🙂

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2 Responses to “My creepy “Graveyard Girl from the Dream City” painting”

  1. Lonelines encoded in sparkling shades of blue. Wonderful if you ask me. One gets the feeling of the entire world moving on while the girl roams the land just beholding.

  2. Oh, why thank you 🙂

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