Laurie Lipton’s amazing drawings

Drawing by Laurie Lipton

Laurie Lipton is one of those artists that amazes me, but also causes confusion — how can any human make such crazily complex and detailed drawings? The copious quantity as well as incredible quality causes me considerable quandaries. Check out her stuff via the links below; I particularly like “Haunted Doll’s House” and “The Dead Factory”. Look at the details on those drawings! Dang.

Personally, as an artist who needs a lot of work in the drawing department, I’m a little disturbed not so much by the skeletal or moribund subject matter but by personal feelings of artistic inadequacy when I look at these masterpieces 🙂



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One Response to “Laurie Lipton’s amazing drawings”

  1. her artwork is freakin awesome, its got a darker turn of the century feel but current, definitely check it out

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