Salem and Providence Halloween pictures

I was in Salem and Providence last year right before Halloween. I wanted to experience some crisp fall weather and get into a good Halloween spirit 🙂

In Providence I did this cool HP Lovecraft walking tour and got to visit a graveyard where both Poe and Lovecraft had hung out. Overall I had a really atmospheric and wonderful time. Walking around the neighborhoods of Salem and Providence at that time of year with blustery autumn weather provided the perfect Halloween feel that I was looking for. Here are some pictures I took when I was there.




Highgate Cemetery, London

I recently visited Highgate Cemetery in London. I was first made aware of this place via pictures by Simon Marsden and got to visit in October whilst on a trip to Europe. It was beautiful and wonderfully overgrown with moss-covered crumbling statues and fallen tombstones entwined with creeping flora. I liked the little village-area of Highgate too and had a delicious Cream Tea there.

Here are a few pix I took of the dark ‘n creepy splendor.