Froot-blood and scone

On the last day of summer I baked my first scone of the season. It was accompanied by my favorite tea, butter, and delicious froot-blood, aka rasperry jam.

Looking forward to some crisp weather for more baking and tea-making!


Froot-blood and scone

Froot-blood and scone

Halloween and Fall are coming oh yay

It feels like Fall already…I have been working on getting in the mood for Halloween, partly so I can plan and work on my new Jack O’Lantern painting but also just ’cause Fall and the weeks leading up to Halloween are my favorite times of the year. I love guzzling tea in the awesome Autumnal ambiance, scarfing down scones, making pumpkin stew, and creeping around graveyards while the leaves blow by and the smell of Fall is in the air.

In order to get in that proper spooky spirit, I have been listening to lots of Bauhaus, Danielle Dax, and other spooky stuff, and watching a bunch of Halloween-mood-inducing movies. Today I started watching the BBC version of Dracula, which features Mark Warren (aka Mr. Teatime!) and Stephanie Leonidas from Mirrormask. I haven’t finished watching it yet (I tend to watch movies in chunks) but it seems like a decent addition to the hearty feast of Dracula movies out there. A couple days ago I also watched Dracula: Prince of Darkness with the most excellent Christopher Lee…fun times. I also watched 3 of the Halloweentown TV-movies recently, which I had never heard of before…they are dorky family fare but still enjoyable cuz there are monsters and magic and jack-o-lanterns and they get you in the mood for Halloween 🙂

Oh yeah, and today I went to Michael’s craft store which is rather awesome for Halloween stuff! I was overjoyed with the little tombstones and medusa statues and animated light-up tombs and other zany stuff they had, I am gunna go back soon and stock up on more Halloween goodies since I like to have that stuff floating around my apartment and workplace year-round 🙂

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane movei posterOh boy is Martin Sheen creepy in this movie. I don’t want to give away much of the plot…how about I just tell you the tagline (from IMDB and the poster to the left):

She was only a little girl. She lived in a great big house… all alone. Where is her mother? Where is her father? Where are all the people who went to visit her? What is her unspeakable secret? Everyone who knows is dead.

Ooh…now that sounds interesting, doesn’t it? The first scene takes place on Halloween…I love that. Stuff set on Halloween automatically gets a bonus point from me…plus the titular character’s birthday is Halloween and she is a sinister 13 years old…spoooky (:B) !

Wikipedia says this fits in the genre of “psychological thriller drama with elements of romance and horror”…the romance and standard horror aspects are pretty minimal, it’s not a slasher or anything, it’s just a rather creepy movie that has a lonely, stage play-ish feel…only a couple locations and a few characters.

Some of the score/soundtrack is dated and almost messed up the vibe for me at one point, still overall it’s uber-creepy, just grit your teeth and the 70’s music will be over in a moment.  Pour a cuppa tea and break out the almond cookies for this one…it’s dark and creepy fun for the whole (deceased) family.

Halloween, tea, and scones

Halloween!? I know it’s May, but it’s never too early to start planning or it’s even better if every day is a little mini-Halloween…although it can be tough when it’s 91 degrees outside. You can’t bake scones and drink hott tea when it’s like that. Tea may not seem very creepy by itself, but it’s the preferred drink of creeps everywhere. I just wanted to remind you.

My favorite tea right now is Pickwick English Tea Blend…I also love their Perzik peach tea but it’s been difficult to find lately. For the scones I get Sticky Fingers Bakeries scone mix from Cost Plus World Market and bake up a scone right before I eat it, I love that stuff ’cause you just need to add water and they are delish. If you make em make sure you don’t add too much water, they are best with just a tiny bit of water so the dough is super thick…pop in the oven and about 15 minutes later you have a piping hot scone and can now enjoy Brother Cadfael or Sherlock Holmes with a scruptious scone and a perfect Pickwick tea. I like it when the scone is fully slathered with butter and covered in jam. I also was really into that clotted cream stuff for a while but the last few batches tasted a little funky so I am back to butter for a bit 🙂 If you’ve never had it, it’s like a cross between whipped cream and butter…yuuuuum!

Welcome to Dark and Creepy

Spoooky, it’s the new Dark and Creepy site!

I just converted this site to a blog format and will actually be adding some content to it now, so stand by while I change stuff around.

This site is a place for me to point you in the direction of neat stuff, generally of a kinda dark and creepy nature. Think Tim Burton or Lovecraft or The Munsters or City of Lost Children…like that. Not so much Marilyn Manson or Texas Chainsaw Massacre…just kinda Dark and Creepy, like an October moonlit glade with some glowing eyes lurking ahead as opposed to a demented maniac chasing you down a dark alley. You get the point.

If you wanna guest post about something cool, or have something creepy and awesome I should post about, let me know!

Here’s the kinda stuff I thought of when I started this site:

  • dark and creepy pictures and art
  • resources for creaky freeps
  • maybe later a messageboard / forum
  • mentioning tea a lot (though that’s not really dark and creepy, eh? but i swear tea can make you 10 times as creepy, because you will have more energy)
  • dreams of darkness calling, falling through the stars
  • dark and creepy films like the tenant / kafka / city of lost children
  • especially creepy bands like 45 grave and danielle dax and strawberry switchblade and bauhaus and elfman / boingo / mystic knights
  • creepy spooky upcoming happenings
  • a section that accepts article submissions or artwork / music
  • awesome books that are dark and or creepy
  • an unhealthy fixation with h.p. lovecraft
  • maybe a couple computer game reviews if i am feeling particularly nerdy
  • tentacles sliding out of nocturnal wells to tickle your fancy
  • some of my own art and music because i am a creepy person
  • awkward steps in the night…worms, they slide away in fright
P.S. You can find me on myspace at, my painting blog is at and my older site with stained glass and music and stuff is at