Clowny Clown would prefer not to – Crispin Hellion Glover

I started this post ~6 months ago but have been busy with my art so this blog has been neglected 🙂


I want to post some films and stuff that I like which contain the oft-creepy Crispin Glover:

Bartleby – “I’d prefer not to”. Odd movie, I really liked Maury Chaykin from the excellent Nero Wolfe in this one too.

Clowny Clown Clown (music video by Glover) – “I was walkin on the ground and I didn’t make a sound…I turned around, and I saw a clown.” When I first saw this video I was obsessed and watched it many, many times over a few days until I went (a bit more) insane…you can view the creepy awesome clowny on youtube.

Infamous David Letterman appearance – lol, check it out on youtube.

Dead Man (film by Jim Jarmusch) – “Look, they’re shooting buffalo”…his short scene in this movie was weird and great. The film itself is a modern classic as well, as is the score by Neil Young.

Back to the Future – McFly! “You’re my density…” — what a classic character. Not really creepy, but included here for completeness 🙂