Great pic of Lily Munster

I’ve been watching a lot of The Munsters to get into the Halloween spirit.

I saw this great expression on Lily Munster’s face today and took a screencap:


It’s perfect, because I’ve been wanting to paint something for an old wooden oval picture frame that I found in a thrift store. I have this other thing I did on cardboard a few years ago for a Halloween prop, and have wanted to do something similar:

ghost girl prop

With Lily’s prefect expression I think I’ve definitely found inspiration for my next painting!

Halloween and Fall are coming oh yay

It feels like Fall already…I have been working on getting in the mood for Halloween, partly so I can plan and work on my new Jack O’Lantern painting but also just ’cause Fall and the weeks leading up to Halloween are my favorite times of the year. I love guzzling tea in the awesome Autumnal ambiance, scarfing down scones, making pumpkin stew, and creeping around graveyards while the leaves blow by and the smell of Fall is in the air.

In order to get in that proper spooky spirit, I have been listening to lots of Bauhaus, Danielle Dax, and other spooky stuff, and watching a bunch of Halloween-mood-inducing movies. Today I started watching the BBC version of Dracula, which features Mark Warren (aka Mr. Teatime!) and Stephanie Leonidas from Mirrormask. I haven’t finished watching it yet (I tend to watch movies in chunks) but it seems like a decent addition to the hearty feast of Dracula movies out there. A couple days ago I also watched Dracula: Prince of Darkness with the most excellent Christopher Lee…fun times. I also watched 3 of the Halloweentown TV-movies recently, which I had never heard of before…they are dorky family fare but still enjoyable cuz there are monsters and magic and jack-o-lanterns and they get you in the mood for Halloween 🙂

Oh yeah, and today I went to Michael’s craft store which is rather awesome for Halloween stuff! I was overjoyed with the little tombstones and medusa statues and animated light-up tombs and other zany stuff they had, I am gunna go back soon and stock up on more Halloween goodies since I like to have that stuff floating around my apartment and workplace year-round 🙂

Funland – a dark and creepy British miniseries

Mercy Woolf from Funland

Location: Blackpool, British fun-land vacation getaway. Occasion: Holiday with the wife to get the marital jooces flowin’. Unforeseen event: Big loss at the poker table…an indecent proposal is offered to pay the debt (“miscellaneous services and the like”). The plot thickens: A death or two in the family…a tragic chainsaw-related family incident. A mysterious key is given with an ominous warning.

A nerdy creep who never removes his latex gloves. A twitching freak lurking in a dark corner gibbering insanely. Shirley “The Wolf” Woolf, bad-ass gangster who cowers under the gaze of his even more bad-ass wheelchair-bound kingpin (queenpin?) mother, Mercy.

This is like David Lynch meets…no, I can’t think of anything to compare this to. It’s dark, it’s funny, shocking, mysterious…Funland. It’s billed as a “disturbingly funny thriller”…I have to concur. Put the kids to bed, grab a cuppa tea and a scone, lock the doors and prepare for a dark ride through the Funland.

(FYI – last I checked this was not on Amazon in the USA or Netflix…but I did find it on eBay)