Creepy glowing mushroom and skull-girl

I had some glow-sticks for Halloween and put them near these cool mushroom decorations that I bought so that they glowed green. I took some pix with a tripod and long exposure. Neat…I want glowing mushroom decorations all over my house now. 🙂


Glowing mushroom decoration with skull-girl

Glowing mushroom decoration with skull-girl


Glowing mushroom decoration

Glowing mushroom decoration

Salem and Providence Halloween pictures

I was in Salem and Providence last year right before Halloween. I wanted to experience some crisp fall weather and get into a good Halloween spirit 🙂

In Providence I did this cool HP Lovecraft walking tour and got to visit a graveyard where both Poe and Lovecraft had hung out. Overall I had a really atmospheric and wonderful time. Walking around the neighborhoods of Salem and Providence at that time of year with blustery autumn weather provided the perfect Halloween feel that I was looking for. Here are some pictures I took when I was there.




Highgate Cemetery, London

I recently visited Highgate Cemetery in London. I was first made aware of this place via pictures by Simon Marsden and got to visit in October whilst on a trip to Europe. It was beautiful and wonderfully overgrown with moss-covered crumbling statues and fallen tombstones entwined with creeping flora. I liked the little village-area of Highgate too and had a delicious Cream Tea there.

Here are a few pix I took of the dark ‘n creepy splendor.

Prague and Bruges night photos

I took some night photos in Prague and Bruges that I thought were appropriate to the Dark and Creepy motif, so here they are 🙂

Walking around these places at night with hardly anyone around was an amazing experience. In Bruges, it had rained earlier so the cobblestones were wet, perfect…in Prague, it was a foggy night and I watched it drift over the spires of Tyn cathedral and the tower of the Charles bridge.

If you like these, I have an account at Flickr and posted more photos from Bruges, Ghent, Paris, Berchtesgaden, Salzburg, Vienna, Bern, Kandersteg, Prague, and Munich there…here’s the link if you want to see more:

My creepy “Graveyard Girl from the Dream City” painting

OK, here is another one of my own dark ‘n creepy paintings, I just finished it…it’s an undead-ish girl that dwells in a darkly beautiful graveyard on the edge of a shadowy dream-city.

Dream City Girl painting

Dream City Girl painting

Click the image to be whisked away to my painting site. You can then click the image there for a bigger version. There are also some details from the painting and a bunch of stuff about it that you may or may not care about 🙂

Kris Kuksi

Kris Kuksi\'s art

Holy cow, Kris Kuksi’s stuff is frickin’ insane! The drawings are like Giger crossed with Leoardo da Vinci and the sculpture is mind-blowing. His website has nice big pictures of his stuff too, which is refreshing and lets one fully partake in the incredible works of art he has created.

Kris Kuksi’s site:

Laurie Lipton’s amazing drawings

Drawing by Laurie Lipton

Laurie Lipton is one of those artists that amazes me, but also causes confusion — how can any human make such crazily complex and detailed drawings? The copious quantity as well as incredible quality causes me considerable quandaries. Check out her stuff via the links below; I particularly like “Haunted Doll’s House” and “The Dead Factory”. Look at the details on those drawings! Dang.

Personally, as an artist who needs a lot of work in the drawing department, I’m a little disturbed not so much by the skeletal or moribund subject matter but by personal feelings of artistic inadequacy when I look at these masterpieces 🙂



Awesome Halloween advent calendar

I just got this awesome Halloween advent calendar and put it in an old frame that I found at an antique mall. It looks so cool I just have to show you all 😀

Halloween advent calendar from Ghastly Greetings

The calendar is from Ghastly Greetings. FYI I had to trim it a little to fit it in the 11×14 frame but it didn’t seem to mess it up. It’s now hanging on my wall, much admired, as I happily open the little window things each day as I count down to my favorite holiday.

Noche De Los Muertos art show

Throughout the month of October there is a great show here in Santa Barbara with Day of the Dead and Halloween art. It’s called Noche De Los Muertos and it’s at the Muddy Waters Cafe:

Noche De Los Muertos
Muddy Waters Cafe
508 E. Haley St., Santa Barbara, California
(805) 966-9328

The reception for the show is Oct 18th at 7PM, all ages, or go by Muddy Waters any time this month to see all the dark and creepy art!

Here’s the flyer:

I have my own Halloween painting in this show:

Jovial Jack O Lantern oil painting

Pigtail Gurl is creepy

I think my pigtail gurl painting is kinda kreepy, so here it is. I will have more creepies later, my next painting is a graveyard with a jack o lantern in it.

Creepy pigtail gurl painting by airn lebus:

creepy pigtail girl oil painting