Favorite Halloween songs

I’ve been thinking about my favorite Halloween-mood-inducing songs…I like to listen to them while I’m driving around to buy Halloween stuff and whilst painting spooky graveyard scenes and carving creepy pumpkins by candlelight in the dead of night. These don’t all have Halloween themes but I think they set the right kind of spooky Halloween ambiance and conjure images of leaves blowing through the graveyard in Autumn and dark misty glades with glowing eyes peeking from the foliage and sullen sinking mansions filled with bats and cobwebs.

Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead / Hollow Hills / Slice of Life

Danielle Dax – Pariah / 16 Candles (I gave myself a nice scare listening to Pariah last Halloween while driving a lonely foggy road ’round midnight)

Tiamat – Alteration X10 / Teonanacatl / Whatever That Hurts (these were immediately staples of my musical diet when I first heard them)

Siouxsie & the Banshees – Desert Kisses / Arabian Knights

Dead Can Dance – Black Sun / The Cardinal Sin (“Lucretia waits in vain for the child of her dreams…within her aching womb there burns a funeral pyre.“…and that’s from the less-grim song of the pair :))

California Guitar Trio – Toccata And Fugue In D Minor (gorgeous)

The Damned – Grimly Fiendish (did you ever see the Damned on the Young Ones?)

Oingo Boingo – Pictures of You (ooh this is a very unique song, super cool and creepy lyrics on this one!)

Misfits – Halloween (yay)

Trance to the Sun – The Nun V.V. (“Different evil fates await each and every one of my friends“…wow)

45 Grave –  Dream Hits / Phantoms / Slice of Life / Surfbat / Riboflavin Flavored, Non-Carbonated, Polyunsaturated Blood (no explanation necessary…one of my all-time favorite albums is Autopsy)

Alice Cooper – Years Ago / Steven (“I must be dreaming…please stop screaming“…whatta creepy song! Every time I hear it I wanna watch weird 70’s horror movies like “Martin”)

Bishop of Hexen – Crossing The Borders Between Light & Darkness

Halloween Hootennany – (A great psychobilly-type compilation with a version of the Munsters theme, an awesome Halloween poem by Zacherle, etc etc)

Airn LeBus / Spectra Mori – The Well (OK that is shameless self-promotion but it’s muy spooky I swear!)

Insane Clown Posse – Halloween on Military Street (gross and funny lyrics, lol, etc)

What did I miss…do any of you creepy visitors have favorite Halloween-related music or stuff to carve pumpkins by or drive around enjoying the Autumn Halloweentyme air?

The Well – A dark and creepy Lovecraft-inspired song

The Well III oil painting

Dreams of darkness calling, falling through the stars…Lovecraftian, I reckon. This, my friends, is a spooky song called The Well. Inspired by Bauhaus, Lovecraft, Tiamat, Danielle Dax, 45 Grave, and Oingo Boingo 🙂

Link: The Well (MP3)

Yes, this song just so happens to be written and performed by yours truly. I did the painting for the song too…go to my painting blog for the full image and info about the painting.


[creepy sounds of impending doom]

winter wind is blowing, throwing fallen leaves
through the graves it’s wending, lending chills to all

dreams of darkness calling, falling through the stars
lurking silence staring, glaring from the well

the night around is twisting, like water swirling round
now it’s reaching upwards, groping through the ground

[disturbing sounds of madness and chaos]

Written, performed, recorded etc by Airn LeBus (c) 2007.

Danielle Dax

danielle daxA recipe for Danielle Dax: Take some country-western-goth, add a serving of glam rock, a pinch of witchy-death-metal, stir in some pop, and serve in the graveyard on a cold but sunny day.

Sterling examples of her fine musical wares:

Pariah: Super-spooky…Baron Samedi and walking sick walking the town, sung in an uber-creepy low hexen-voice.

16 Candles: A wonderfully woeful tale of a woman’s futile wait for her absent, war-claimed love as rivers run red and cannons roar.

Bad Miss M: Singing “We’ll all have a party when you are gone…desecrate your grave and sing this song” with a western drawl and cheery slide guitar…this can only be Dax.

Where the Flies Are: Just look at the title. I love her lyrics…”My mind’s on fire / Federation of the dead ride in / To blast the chains free / Between two roaring worlds”.

(lyrics are from memory and might be totally wrong 🙂 I tried to look them up on the web but didn’t find ’em…we must need more Dax fans)

Welcome to Dark and Creepy

Spoooky, it’s the new Dark and Creepy site!

I just converted this site to a blog format and will actually be adding some content to it now, so stand by while I change stuff around.

This site is a place for me to point you in the direction of neat stuff, generally of a kinda dark and creepy nature. Think Tim Burton or Lovecraft or The Munsters or City of Lost Children…like that. Not so much Marilyn Manson or Texas Chainsaw Massacre…just kinda Dark and Creepy, like an October moonlit glade with some glowing eyes lurking ahead as opposed to a demented maniac chasing you down a dark alley. You get the point.

If you wanna guest post about something cool, or have something creepy and awesome I should post about, let me know!

Here’s the kinda stuff I thought of when I started this site:

  • dark and creepy pictures and art
  • resources for creaky freeps
  • maybe later a messageboard / forum
  • mentioning tea a lot (though that’s not really dark and creepy, eh? but i swear tea can make you 10 times as creepy, because you will have more energy)
  • dreams of darkness calling, falling through the stars
  • dark and creepy films like the tenant / kafka / city of lost children
  • especially creepy bands like 45 grave and danielle dax and strawberry switchblade and bauhaus and elfman / boingo / mystic knights
  • creepy spooky upcoming happenings
  • a section that accepts article submissions or artwork / music
  • awesome books that are dark and or creepy
  • an unhealthy fixation with h.p. lovecraft
  • maybe a couple computer game reviews if i am feeling particularly nerdy
  • tentacles sliding out of nocturnal wells to tickle your fancy
  • some of my own art and music because i am a creepy person
  • awkward steps in the night…worms, they slide away in fright
P.S. You can find me on myspace at myspace.com/airnlebus, my painting blog is at chromaticblack.com and my older site with stained glass and music and stuff is at spectralcreations.com.