More Halloween crafts: Stained glass spiderweb and Jack O’ Lantern

I used to make a lot of copper foil stained glass but it’s rather tedious, toxic, and requires a dedicated work area unless you want glass shards all over your house.  On one of my journeys to the craft store I bought a ton of this Gallery Glass stuff which is just a liquid that you can use to make cool stained glass-like art.

I recently made a spiderweb and a Jack O Lantern scene. I did them on the 8×10 glass from a store-bought picture frame and then hung them up with fishing line in my window:

Spiderweb stained glass

Pumpkin in graveyard stained glass (gallery glass)

On the spider one I painted it on with craft acrylic after I had finished the main design.

This stuff is fun and easy and the best part is if you mess up a bit, you can easily cut out the part you don’t like with an exacto blade and redo that area – I did that on several sections of the pumpkin one and it ended up looking great in my window…it won’t last as long or have the same effect as real stained glass, but it’s about 1/100th of the effort so for now I am going to make a bunch more of these things 😀

Getting crafty for Halloween – Floral arrangement thingy

I’m gunna post at least 3 different craft-type things I’ve had fun making in these days leading up to Halloween. The first was the easiest to make but was super fun and I’ll keep it up year-round cuz I love the way it looks.

Halloween floral arrangement

I have been going to Michael’s craft store a lot lately, I love the drive out there (here in Santa Barbara) and they have a lot of cool stuff. Almost everything I used for this floral thingy was on sale, I had no idea what I was doing but I looked at their pre-made arrangements to get some ideas, bought some mini pumpkins, pomegranates, black and burgandy flowers, and some peppercorn-looking things, and stuck ’em all in some styrofoam stuff in this cool urn thing that was 60% off…fun!