Great pic of Lily Munster

I’ve been watching a lot of The Munsters to get into the Halloween spirit.

I saw this great expression on Lily Munster’s face today and took a screencap:


It’s perfect, because I’ve been wanting to paint something for an old wooden oval picture frame that I found in a thrift store. I have this other thing I did on cardboard a few years ago for a Halloween prop, and have wanted to do something similar:

ghost girl prop

With Lily’s prefect expression I think I’ve definitely found inspiration for my next painting!

Autumn is pumpkin pye tyme

After a spate of heat waves, we finally have cooler weather in Santa Barbara, and it was even overcast today! That means several things, most importantly that scones and pies may now be baked, at my leisure (as is my wont).

Today I stocked up on pumpkin pye stuff, and am now ready for scarfing some grimace proportions of lovely, life-sustaining pumpkin pie in the coming months.

You see, one dreadful year there was a pumpkin shortage. After that horrid event, when I was forced to make sweet potato pie instead, I always stock up early just in case.

2014-10-14 19.41.10 2014-10-14 19.42.27