Zdzislaw Beksinski

zdzislaw beksinski paintingI don’t think art gets much darker than that of Zdzislaw Beksinski without being gratuitous…his art seems honest and real, and can be quite disturbing. I’ve seen his stuff around before on album covers and such, but didn’t know his name until recently, so I have only just started exploring his incredible works. I think I need to ingest it in small doses.

I don’t know if I can say I ‘like’ his art…perhaps I am astounded by it, and overwhelmed by it. I am especially impressed by his grim landscapes, endless fields of gravestones and monumental buildings.

Rather than attempt to describe his works, I present some links to view them for yourselves. Links open in a new window.

Online gallery with lots of pix: http://www.gnosis.art.pl/iluminatornia/sztuka_o_inspiracji/zdzislaw_beksinski/zdzislaw_beksinski.htm

Official site: http://www.beksinski.pl/

Wikipedia for more info on his life and tragic death:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zdzis%C5%82aw_Beksi%C5%84ski

It’s interesting to read about his own feelings on his art in the Wikipedia article…’humorous’ would not be a word I would personally use to describe his paintings 🙂


Mirrormask film More people need to know about Mirrormask, a surreal and partly creepy fantasy-type movie written by Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman. In an informal poll (i.e. me asking friends over the course of a weekend 🙂 ), only one out of 15 people had even heard of it. It’s really quite good, just the right amount of creepiness with a great dreamlike alice-in-wonderlandishness and unique artistic styling (Dave McKean was the Production Designer as well as the co-writer so if you are familiar with his art you have some idea of what to expect).

Mirrormask is reminiscent of films like Labyrinth and Legend, with perhaps a bit of The Wizard of Oz…visually it can feel like a fantasy version of Tron. I feel the need to mention City of Lost Children here too, perhaps just to say I think fans of that most excellent movie would most likely enjoy Mirrormask as well. It’s even readily available, so Netflix it up and watch out for those creepy sphinx cat-things! 😀